Saturday, December 12, 2009

past and present

i. the old picture was taken in 1950's. i'm not so sure about the exact year. the location was at the back of the Malay Hostel, Clifford School. but now this hostel has become the school's administration office.
ii. the old picture was taken in 1926 in front of the Malay Hostel.

iii. a group of local people at a Benta cinema in 1955. In 1980's this cinema was demolished and replaced with community hall. Benta is small town located 30 km from Kuala Lipis.

iv. A big flood that happened in 1971. Many places in Malaysia was flooded and Benta was one of the area affected. The old picture shows that the locals rafted along the main road of Benta.

v. A flood in 1971. The bridge is still strong till now.


Hashim Zabidi said...

Flood in 1971 still fresh to remember. It was a lessen to Mat Jan to describe. My uncle's house spinned, varendah ke dapur, dan dapur ke varendah. Waduh!...amatlah teruknya.

benludin said...

pak hashim,
saya masa tu kecik lagi.tak merasa banjir.banjir kilat di KL tu penah le rasa..
kalau pak hashim ada gambar2 lama masa banjir boleh la dikongsi.mana tau ada gambor rumoh 'hampoh' di air 'boh' ke...hehe

mihalisThalassis - halkida said...

Hello, hello, and all happy.

benludin said...

hello mihalis...

daLyaanoon said...

umah aki keh di dusun(kuala kenong) terlibat gak masa banjir tu. sebab tu ada perkampungan RPSB kat Bt 9 tuh!

ayoh keh kata masjid india(tepi sungai) kat bandar tu ada karamahnya. Masa banjir tu, masjid tu tak terkesan pun. Mungkin Benludin atau Ubilepih boleh tanya sesiapa orang lepih betul tak cerita tu.

en_me said...

nice.. ehehe

Hashim Zabidi said...

Jaman tu kemera tak banyak. Pilih-pilih je orang yg ada kemera. Masa itu kawan pun tak berapa nak reti handle kemera. Kalau nak bergamor kena pegi kedai cina. Belit tali lehir dan pasang coat Tukang gambar yg dah lusuh dan hapok. Gambar pun hitam putih. Nantilah kawan buka fail-fail lama kok jumpa.

Anonymous said...

I remember taking photograph of my own at one of the shops at Jelai Street. I'm unsure if this shop still exist. (forgotten the name of the shops)

Usually, I purchased my furniture at the shops called 'DIN DIN Furniture Shop.( I remembered that this shop was gutted with flames )

This was around the year 1969 to 1973.

Anyhow, I'm trying to recover all the photograph the I kept. (if any)

Is Kunci Koya Shops still exist ?

from: THE BUNGGIL now residing in
Prapat, Medan, Indonesia.

ubilepih said...

respond to Bunggil,The years that you are here to me it is the hay days of kuala lipis its golden era i might say...but all those are just a fond memories..due to lack of good planing they have killed the charming of this town.
those shops at Jelai street does not exist anymore so do the rakits house..the paradise theater also gone...
thing that happened are breaking my heart.
dear bunngill its a big honour to us if you like to share with us those old photos of kuala can send those photos via email tu us and than we can load its down in this blog.zillion thanks for your kindness.Do you have your own blog

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your response Messrs Ubilepih..

it was a shocking disaster to hear that the Paradise Theatre (NICKNAMED as PARADISO)was demolished by the authority to make way for ultra modern development.
a very touching and unacceptable news.. !!!

what about Pahang Club ?? . Do the authority demolished this building too ??

Is the Old Jail near Clifford School was also demolished..??

At the back of the old jail is Taman Fah Choon and PWD quarters..( this won't erase my memory because my girlfriend is staying at Taman Fah Choon)

The authority should presevered these buildings to attract tourist into Kuala Lipis..

what a blunder !!

anyhow Mr Ubilepih..I'm trying to recover all the nostalgic photograph of Kuala Lipis (if any) from my photo album..

Prapat, Medan, Indonesia

ubilepih said...

Dear Bunggil

Pahang Club is still exist.but not been properly manage..

My other blog i named it after Paradise theater...and everytime i wacth my favourite movie Cinema Paradiso...its bring back my fond memories of that Cinema.

may i know during those day what are you doing here in Kuala Lipis?

Do you you have any local friends here?

The Jail house are also gone.Taman Fah Choon still there but in a very bad condition now.The owner Mr.Fah Choon passed away a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ubilepih,

I was a Surveyor from 1969 to 1973 in Kuala Lipis. I rented a house at Taman Fah Choon.

Next to my house is my girlfriend house (also renting and a teacher at Clifford School and who is now my is always blind)

In front of Taman Fah Choon is the Old Jail Barrack whereby the occupant are all non-married Policemen (bachelor).

They are all my friends.

THE JIDSON (Majid son's) is the famous 4 piece band at that time in Kuala Lipis. The lead guitarist is Mr Mustafa from PWD who are also my best friend. (I'm not sure if he is still around)

The grandfather (Mr Bacik) of Malaysian famous singer Siti Norhaliza was also my buddy.
Similarly goes to Siti Norhaliza mother, Puan Salmah (she was still young at that time of the year)

Kuala Lipis is "dead and small town" at that time of the year and everbody knows each other.

I has been over 35 years by now that I have not visited Kuala Lipis. I would love to bring my family along and my wife is very eager to visit Kuala Lipis. (she have a lot of memories during residing in Kuala Lipis.)

By the way, is the Rest House still exist?

Prapat, Medan , Indonesia

ubilepih said...

dear Mr.Bunggil

It is a sad news that Mr mustafar is already Passed away last year.

Late Mr.Bacik is a friend of my Father...i wonder if you know my dad too..he is a barber his name is man wich is well knownesd as Man Gunting.

Teh rest on top of the hill is still there.

if you come here just let us know.