Thursday, July 29, 2010

roti canai

a unique roti canai stall located at Level 3 of Lipis Centerpoint.

Roti canai or prata bread is a form of puffed bread serverd hot with curry or dhal. Usually taken for breakfast together with teh tarik.

Lately there are various improvements (with additional ingredients) used on plain roti to suit Malaysians. For example roti telur bawang (eggs and onions), roti planta (butter), roti sardin, roti bawang (onions), roti tampal ( sticked eggs) and so on.

Mr. Pietra and his wife, the tourists from Austria, are relaxing after having their roti sardin.

1 comment:

AWANG said...

Salam & Selamat Berpuasa,
My favorite for berbuka puasa..
Roti Canai & dhal.