Monday, May 24, 2010

the wall

When i showed this picture to one of my friend, he said this place was in Portugal. OMG !
The shophouses are located in-front of Madrasatul Firdaus Mosque.

* Location: Kuala Lipis town


KiLaT said...

agaknya dulu portugis masuk lipis dulu kot.. pas tu batu pi serang melaka. agaknya..........

Francis said...

Lovely picture. Tomorrow i.e. 23rd June 2010, a few of us amateur photographers are visiting Kuala Lipis to shoot. If you read this before then please contact me at 019-9300200 (Francis).

benludin said...

tq for your invitation to join your group photo. i just read your comment today. btw, i hope u guys enjoy ur time in Lipis and have many subjects to capture :)

Welcome to Kuala Lipis bro.