Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pokok langsuir

Bird's-nest ferns is a common name applied to several related species of ferns in the genus Asplenium. They grow in a tight, nest-like clump with a linguate leaf rosette and are usually epiphytic, growing in trees. Bird's-nest Fern may also be seen growing on rocks and they will grow in the ground, too (click wikipedia or here for more info)

Botanist name:Asplenium nidus.

Pokok Daun Semun (bahasa Inggeris: Bird-nest Fern) atau Pokok Paku langsuir


a.b geldofg said...

ni yang kawen dok bghape pahang...awok cakop ogheng puteh

nasib baik ado gambo

kalu dok...kawe dok pahang lagsong

benludin said...

hahah..copy je dari wikipedia

lagipun tu cakap Tamil...lu mmg terer tamil rupanya

mihalis-halkida said...

Welcome, Send send greetings, and some pictures
from the small and beautiful city of my 200,000 thousand residents, and 50 km from protefousa, ATHENS
Round whole Sea, an extraordinary and inexplicable, the sea water to go every 6 hours over 6 enalax 6 (6 HOURS HOURS SOUTH BORON-6) with poly tachitita,. Michalis- Χαλκιδα

ismadi said...

berantu pokok ni dok?

Leif Hagen said...

Beautiful fern fotos! I guess you live in a tropical, warm area, right?
How old is your TV? It looks like an antique.
Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

benludin said...

tq for coming, Eagan.

me from Malaysia..